Status Report

The wiki I have been working on is going pretty well overall. The pages are coming along well and they are not all the same. I have yet to use anything but straight up text in any of the pages. I would like to add pictures to a few, but i don’t want there to be copyright issues. I’m starting to inter-link pages but they are all linear and all end up at a dead end at some point. I want to create pages that will stretch across the individual movies. I have a few director pages, and one plot device page but I want there to be more to create a latitude and longitude to the navigation. These inter-linked pages will create a way of moving from one seemingly unconnected page to another. I also haven’t developed tags all that much, I don’t have many pages that use similar tags and the ones that do are directly connected (as in they have to same director or actor) not just related.


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